Saturday, 9 August 2014

Monitoring Questions to CWCs regarding Case-Management and Care of the victimized Child

  1. What was the quantum of temporary financial support provided to the child to cater to his immediate needs?
  2. On what basis was the quantum of financial support determined?
  3.  Were copies of all orders passed by the CWC furnished to the concerned relatives/guardians?
  4. What was the approximate time taken for conclusion of inquiry since the receipt of the report from the police or any other person? State the reasons for delay, if any? 
  5. Nature of services provided by the CWC to the affected person?
  6. Were arrangements made by CWC to ensure availability of qualified personnel as translators/ interpreters/ special educators?
  7.  Were there any other restorative measures taken for the child by the CWC?

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