Saturday, 9 August 2014

List of Monitoring Questions for the CWC for Quarterly Collection of Data by the NCPCR on POCSO cases

1.      No. of cases referred to CWC by the police, NCPCR or SCPCR?
2.   No. of cases where the police or person producing the child has submitted a written report while reporting the case to the CWC?
3.      No. of cases referred by the CWC for:
·         Medical care
·         Mental health support
·         Protection/ shelter
·         Sponsorship services
4.      No. of support persons designated by the CWC to render support to the child in the process of investigation and trial?
5.      What is the criterion for appointment of support person by the CWC?
6.    Quantum of financial or office assistance provided to the Support Persons by the  CWC for performing their duties under the Act?
7.      No. of cases where the CWC has refused grant of custody to the parents?
8.      No. of cases where the CWC has institutionalized the child?
9.      No. of cases where the CWC has conducted preliminary visits to the place of residence of the child during its assessment/ inquiry?
10.  No. of cases where the CWC has provided temporary financial support to the child to cater to his immediate needs?
11.   No. of cases where the CWC has undertaken follow up of cases after passing an order under Rules 4(4) & 4(5)?

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