Monday, 18 August 2014

child handover order to homes


RC.  No. CWC/EGD/          /14.

To                                                                                                                              Dt.

Sub:  Handover the child to his/her parents – Reg;

The Child Welfare Committee has satisfied with the representations submitted by ___________________________________aged, ______ years who is the _____________________________ of the child __________________________aged, ____years S/o ___________________________ who belong to _______________________________________________________________________________had affirmed to take care of the child_______________________  hereafter assured that he/she would not give any scope to affect the future of their child and send him/her for the education with due care and concern.

As per the JJ Act rule no. 4 (9) the CWC has issued supervision order to DPO/DCPU, Prakasam dist, Ongole to monitor the status of the said child for a period of 1 year.

Hence, the CWC is hereby issuing directions to relieve and handover the said child to his/her parents by receiving due acknowledgment and send a copy of the same to CWC without fail.

Given under my hand and the seal of Child Welfare Committee.  This __________day of ______ 2014.

1.       The DCPO, ICPS, East Godavari Dist
2.       The CHILDLINE 1098, Rajahmundry
3.       The Dist Probation officer, East Godavari Dist

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