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Rules and Procedures of Committee.

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Subject: Rules and Procedures of Committee  

What are the  Rules and payment details to CWC as per JJ central rules?  

Child Welfare Committee,
Kadapa district.

Respected Mr. Giridhar garu please find below answer for your reference.

16. Rules and Procedures of Committee.-

1)    The Chairperson and members of the Committee shall be paid such sitting allowance, travel allowance and any other allowance, as the State Government may prescribe but not less than Rs.1500 /- per sitting.
2)    A visit to an existing Child Care Institution by the Committee shall be considered as a sitting of the Committee.
3)    The Committee shall hold its sittings in the premises of a children’s home or, at a place in proximity to the children’s home or, at a suitable premises in any institution run under the Act for children in need of care and protection.
4)    The Committee shall ensure that no person(s) un-connected with the case remains present in the room when the session is in progress.
5)    The Committee shall ensure that only those person(s), in the presence of whom the child feels comfortable, shall be allowed to remain present during the sitting.
6)    At least one member of the Committee shall always be available or accessible to take cognizance of any matter of emergency and issue necessary directions to the Special Juvenile Police Unit or local police of the district. For this purpose the Chairperson of the Committee shall draw up a monthly duty roster of the Committee members who shall be available and accessible every day, including on Sundays and holidays. The roster shall be circulated in advance to all the police stations, the Chief Judicial Magistrate/Chief Metropolitan Magistrate, the District Judge, the District Magistrate, the Board, the District Child Protection Unit and the Special Juvenile Police Unit.
7)    The Committee shall sit on all working days for a minimum of six hours commensurate with the working hours of a magistrate court, unless the case pendency is less in a particular district and the State Government concerned issues an order in this regard: Provided that the State Government may, by notification in the Official Gazette constitute more than one Committee in a district after giving due consideration to the pendency of the cases, area or terrain of the district, population density or any other consideration.
8)    On receiving information about a child or children in need of care and protection, who cannot be produced before the Committee, the Committee shall reach out to the child or children and hold its sitting at a place that is convenient for such child or children.
9)    While communicating with the child, the Committee members shall use child friendly techniques through their conduct.
10) The Committee shall hold its sittings in a child-friendly premises which shall not look like a court room in any manner and the sitting arrangement should be such to enable the Committee to interact with the child face to face.
11) The Committee shall not sit on a raised platform and there shall be no barriers, such as witness boxes or bars between the Committee and the children
12)               The Committee shall be provided infrastructure and staff by the State Government.

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