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Release of a child from an institution

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Release of a child from an institution  

Respected Sir,
How to release a child from an institution as per new juvenile justice

G, Sivareddy,
District Child Protection Officer,

Dear Mr. Sivareddy garu, please find below answer for your question.

As per Section 97 of Juvenile Justice Act-2015.

(1)   When a child is kept in a Children’s Home or special home, on a report of a probation officer or social worker or of Government or a voluntary or non-government organisation, as the case may be, the Committee or the Board may consider, the release of such child, either absolutely or on such conditions as it may think fit to impose, permitting the child to live with parents or guardian or under the supervision of any authorised person named in the order, willing to receive and take charge, educate and train the child, for some useful trade or calling or to look after the child for rehabilitation:

Provided that if a child who has been released conditionally under this section, or the person under whose supervision the child has been placed, fails to fulfil such conditions, the Board or Committee may, if necessary, cause the child to be taken charge of and to be placed back in the concerned home.

(2)   If the child has been released on a temporary basis, the time during which the child is not present in the concerned home in pursuance of the permission granted under sub-section (1) shall be deemed to be part of the time for which the child is liable to be kept in the children or special home:

Provided that in case of a child in conflict with law fails to fulfil the conditions set by the Board as mentioned in sub-section (1), the time for which he is still liable to be kept in the institution shall be extended by the Board for a period equivalent to the time which lapses due to such failure.

Thanking you

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