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Duties of Probation officer.

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What are the duties of Probation Officer as per JJ central rules?  

K. Chiranjeevi,
Dist Probation Officer,
Kakinada, E.G DIST. s

Respected Mr. Chiranjeevi garu, please find below answer for your reference.

Duties of a Probation Officer.

Rule 64 of Juvenile Justice Act – 2015.

A.  On receipt of information from the Police or Child Welfare Police Officer under clause (ii) of sub-section (1) of section 13 of the Act, without waiting for any formal order from the Board, the Probation Officer shall inquire into the circumstances of the child as may have bearing on the inquiry by the Board and submit a social investigation report in Form 6 to the Board.
B.  The social investigation report should provide for risk assessment, including aggravating and mitigating factors highlighting the circumstances which induced vulnerability such as traffickers or abusers being in the neighbourhood, adult gangs, drug users, accessibility to weapons and drugs, exposure to age inappropriate behaviours, information and material.
C.  The Probation Officer shall carry out the directions given by the Board and shall have the following duties, functions and responsibilities:
(1)         To conduct social investigation of the child in Form 6;
(2)         To attend the proceedings of the Board and the Children’s Court and to submit reports as and when required;
(3)         To clarify the problems of the child and deal with their difficulties in institutional life;
(4)         To participate in the orientation, monitoring, education, vocational and rehabilitation programmes;
(5)         To establish co-operation and understanding between the child and the Person- in-charge;
(6)         To assist the child to develop contacts with family and also provide assistance to family members;
(7)         To participate in the pre-release programme and help the child to establish contacts which could
(8)         provide emotional and social support to the child after release;
(9)         To establish linkages with Probation Officers in other Districts and States for obtaining social
(10)     Investigation report, supervision and follow-up.
(11)     To establish linkages with voluntary workers and organisations to facilitate rehabilitation and social
(12)     reintegration of children and to ensure the necessary follow-up;
(13)     Regular post release follow-up of the child extending help and guidance, enabling and facilitating
(14)     their return to social mainstreaming;
(15)     To prepare the individual care plan and post release plan for the child;
(16)     To supervise children placed on probation as per the individual care plan;
(17)     To make regular visits to the residence of the child under his supervision and places of employment
(18)     or school attended by such child and submit periodic reports as per Form 10;
(19)     To accompany children where ever possible, from the office of the Board to the observation home,
(20)     special home, place of safety or fit facility as the case may be;
(21)     To evaluate the progress of the children in place of safety periodically and prepare the report
(22)     including psycho-social and forward the same to the Children’s Court;
(23)     To discharge the functions of a monitoring authority where so appointed by the Children’s Court;
(24)     To maintain a diary or register to record his day to day activities such as visits made by him, social
(25)     investigation reports prepared by him, follow up done by him and supervision reports prepared by him;
(26)     To identify alternatives of community services and to establish linkages with voluntary sector for
(27)     facilitating rehabilitation and social reintegration of children; and
(28)     Any other task as may be assigned.

Thanking you sir, 

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