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Runaway or Missing from an Institute action shall be taken within 24 Hrs.

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Respected Sir,
 Who is the responsibility if child escaped from an institution?
Thanking you,
 Your’s sincerely,  
K. Suhasini Devi,
Member, JJB, Krishna.

Respected Madam,
Thanks for the query. Please find few details as below:

Section 19 of Juvenile Justice Act – 20-15

Runaway or Missing Child or whose parents cannot be found:
(S. 2 (14) (vii), 26 (2) of the Act)- parts are new

In the event of a runaway or missing child or whose parents, the following action shall be taken within twenty-four hours,-

Sub Section: 1)
The person-in-Charge of the institution or the parent or guardian where the child ran away from or is missing or any person who knows the parents of the child to be missing as the case may be ; shall immediately send a report or approach the area Police Station or Special Juvenile Police Unit or Child Welfare Police Officer along with the details and description of the child, with identification marks and a photograph, with a copy to the Board, District Child Protection Unit and other authorities concerned;

Sub Section: 2)
The person-in-charge of institutions shall send the guards or concerned staff in search of the child, at places like railway stations, bus stands and other places where the child is likely to go;

Sub Section: 3)
The parents or guardians shall be informed immediately;

Sub Section: 4)

The person-in-charge of an institution shall hold an inquiry about such child and send his report to the Board or Committee and the authorities concerned.

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