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Hheinous’ offence means

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Respected Sir,
Please give details on ‘heinous’ offence?
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Chiarperson ,
Child Welfare Committee, 
Vizainagaram  district.  

     What is meant by ‘heinous’ offence?
Ans.        JJAct 2015 Sec 2 (33)          ‘Heinous Offence’ means an offence punishable with imprisonment for 7 years or more.
     For  example :  Murder  (302) IPC , attempt   to murder (307 IPC), dowry death (304 B IPC), abetment to suicide (306 IPC), rape (376,376A IPC), Gang rape(376 D IPC), repeat rape case convicts (376 E IPC), Trafficking in persons (370 IPC), procuring a  minor for prostitution Sec.366 A IPC), House breaking by right (Sec.457, 380 IPC), Robbery ( 392 IPC), dacoity (395 IPC),   murder while committing  dacoity (Sec. 396 IPC), acid attack (Sec. 326 A IPC) etc.

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