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Role of SJPU in JJ Act,2015

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Dear Rammohan garu
Please give few details on  Special Juvenile Police Unit officers?               
Ans.       Guidelines for Police Officers of the Special Juvenile Police Unit (S.J.P.U) in relation to Children in Need to Care and Protection (CNCP) / CICL (Children in Conflict with law)
Juvenile Justice (CPC) Act 2015 (Act 2 of 2016) (Sec 107) mandates specific function for SJPUs. Similarly POCSO Act 2012 r/w rules 2012 envisages (vide Rule No.3, 4 and 5), specific role for SJPUs. The other stake holders are CWC (Child Welfare Committees) Chairperson and members, DCPUs (District Child Protection Units), C.W.P.O (Child Welfare  Police Officer) of Police stations, who deal with CNCP (Child in need of Care and Protection) and CJCL (Child in conflict with law). The objective is to bring them back to main stream and make them responsible citizens.  The Government of Andhra Pradesh vide G.O.Ms No.12 Home (Services-I) dept., dated: 11.02.2016 have designated all Addl. Superintendents of Police/Dy. Commissioner of Police or Addl. Deputy Commissioners of Police, Andhra Pradesh as heads of Special Juvenile Police Units under the direct supervision of the respective Unit officers in district,   Jt. Commissioners / Dy. Commissioners of Police (Crimes) in Commission rates  and the Station House Officers/ Sub Inspectors of Police of all the Police Stations including Railways in the State of Andhra Pradesh as Child Welfare Police Officers to discharge the mandated functions.

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