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Responsible person for Trafficking Service programs

From: Pragathi for child []
Sent: 8 August 2016 05:51
To: Anand
Subject: Responsible person for Trafficking Service programs
Dear Sir,
We have participated in Trafficking program and rescued  few cases in our district. Presently, victims were placed in their home and rehabilitation centers. We heard that there are provisions for the victims.Who is the responsible person to give service program as per the Government of India.
Thanks & Regards,
Kadapa,YSR Dist.
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Dear Mr. Subash garu,
Thanks for the query Please find below details:
Role of Project Director, District Women and Child Development
Agency in Anti Trafficking (as per GO MS No. 1)
District Coordination Committee (DCC): The Project Director (PD), WDCW is the main stake holder in activating the District Coordination Committee to combat trafficking

The PD should
1 Inform the District Collector about GO MS 1 and facilitate in the formation of the committee.
2 Recommend the names of good anti –trafficking NGOs in the district of the collector so as to include them in the committee.
3 Facilitate the meeting of the District co-ordination Committee once in two months and send the proceedings to secretary, WDCW and Director, WDCW for the information to State Co-ordination Committee.
Anti Trafficking Squad (ATS): The project Director should have close co-ordination with the Anti-Trafficking squad lead by the DSP, Prior to the rescue the PD should have the following ready:
1. Inventory of items necessary to give as immediate relief to at least 75 victims such as
i) Cloths (Including under garments)
ii) Towel, Soap, Oil sachet, comb, tooth brush, tooth paste, sanitary napkins and diapers
A Proper record must be maintained and periodically checked.
2. An updated list of shelter homes /fit institutions/Children‘s Homes /Short stay Homes /swadhar Homes. As soon as the girls are rescued by the squad the PD along with her officers will have to perform the following functions:
I) Identify and separate major victims
II) Provide Immediate relief /welcome kit to the victims (a bag with immediate items for use )
III) Provide the list of shelter homes /Institutions /swadhar Homes to the police who
in consultation with the PD and NGO can shift the victim to safe custody in appropriate
homes till legal formalities are completed.
IV) Take a special note of needs of the victims who are sick, lactating mothers and pregnant. (such as diapers for babies ,sanitary napkins, milk bottle ect..)
V) As the convener of the DC put up the proceedings and recommendations to the District Collector who is the Chairperson of DCC for release of immediate relief of the Victims (Rs.10,000)
VI) Support the ATS till the victims are safely sheltered for rehabilitation in Government or NGO homes
VII) Ensure that no victim is restored to the family without a proper home Investigation done through the local NGO or the probation officer.

Economic Empowerment: Recommend the victims for appropriate livelihood training in Mahila Pranganam, SETWIN or NGO managed skill training which is connected to the job market. Care should be taken to ensure security of the victim.
Heath care Services: Recommended to the Chairperson of DCC for the provision of Health cards for victims for free medical treatment in all Government Hospitals for all ailments including HIV/AIDS
Education and Child Care: Liaison with District Educational Officer for admission of the victims or children of victims to residential schools. Those children put in children’s homes should avail the facility of the respective homes for education.
Housing and Civic Amenities: Recommended to the Chairperson of DCC to provide white ration cards, electoral photo identity cards and housing (under the weaker section housing scheme) for the victims.

The role of Project Director in anti-trafficking is as the Chief Liaison Officer among various departments such as District Administration, Education, Housing, Revenue, Health ect. To support the best interest of the victim to prevent re-trafficking.

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