Friday, 13 May 2016

State & District Child Protection Units

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Sent: 11 May 2016 10:52 AM
To: Program Officer - HELP

Subject:  State & District Child Protection Units .

Respected  Sir,
Please give short notes about District Child Protection Unit details as per Juvenile Justice Act-2015

Thanking you sir,

 M. Saritha,
Coordinator-JMJ Tenali,
Guntur District.

Section 106 of Juvenile Justice Act- 2015.

State Child Protection Society and District Child Protection Unit.

Every State Government shall constitute a Child Protection Society for the State and Child Protection Unit for every District, consisting of such officers and other employees as may be appointed by that Government, to take up matters relating to children with a view to ensure the implementation of this Act, including the establishment and maintenance of institutions under this Act, notification of competent authorities in relation to the children and their rehabilitation and co-ordination with various official and non-official agencies concerned and to discharge such other functions as may be prescribed.

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  1. Respected Sir,

    if child is orphan, how to get orphan certificate? please explain process.

    Thank you