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Details of CHILD PRODUCTION before CWC.

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Dear Sir,
What are the changes in Juvenile Justice Act about Child Production before Child Welfare Committy.

Child Line
Prakasam District.

Section 31- Juvenile Justice Act-15

Production before Child Welfare Committee as per the new act.

Sub Section 1 :

Any child in need of care and protection may be produced before the Committee by any of the following persons, namely:—

       I.            any police officer or special juvenile police unit or a designated Child Welfare Police Officer or any officer of District Child Protection Unit or inspector appointed under any labour law for the time being in force;

    II.            Any public servant;

 III.            Childline Services or any voluntary or non-governmental organisation or any agency as may be Recognised by the State Government;

 IV.            Child Welfare Officer or probation officer;

    V.            Any social worker or a public spirited citizen;
 VI.            By the child himself; or
VII.            Any nurse, doctor or management of a nursing home, hospital or maternity home:

Provided that the child shall be produced before the Committee without any loss of time but within a period of twenty-four hours excluding the time necessary for the journey.

Sub Section 2:

The State Government may make rules consistent with this Act, to provide for the manner of submitting the report to the Committee and the manner of sending and entrusting the child to children’s home or fit facility or fit person, as the case may be, during the period of the inquiry.

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