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Sexual Abuse Case – CWC involvement.

Subject: Sexual Abuse case – CWC involvement :
From: nainabasha [mail]
Sent: Friday, February 5, 2016 4:18 PM
To: Anand
Subject:  Sexual Abuse Case – CWC involvement.
Respected sir,
When a child victim of sexual abuse is produced before the Committee by any person, how Child Welfare Committee can deal?

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Member-Guntur - CWC.

v  In Child victim of sexual abuse case was produced before Child Welfare 
committee, Committee  is required to do the following:-

1.     If the child is in an institutional care (recognized or unrecognized) action as contained in, Rule 60 of the JJ Model Rules, 2007 should be strictly followed by all concerned and CWC should ensure compliance. The Committee should seek a detailed report from the Head of the Institution within two days of having received such information regarding abuse of child in writing from any person or verbally from the child at the time of production or inspection of the institution.
2.     Child should be interviewed by a female member(s) separately. In case female member is not available only then the female Welfare Officer / Counsellor should interview the child in the presence of a CWC Member.
3.     Opinion of the family members and/or relatives should be sought before taking any decision about the child’s care, protection and rehabilitation. The opinion sought should be mentioned in the order.
4.     The version of the child must be taken on record, identifying the abuser clearly, nature of abuse and need of the child for medical, psychological and psychiatric treatment. The name of the CWC member and/or Welfare Officer/Counselor who interviewed the child should be placed on record.
5.     In case, the child is not in a position to speak due to age, mental and physical condition, committee should make such observation referring to the medical examination report.
6.     In case committee finds any discrepancy in the statement of the child and the version recorded in the FIR and/or medical examination report, the same must be indicated in the observation of the CWC in writing.
7.     In accordance with Rule 27 (9), the Committee shall facilitate filing of police complaint and F.I.R. in all cases of sexual violence, exploitation and abuse of child.
8.     The Committee should also arrange for required legal aid through the legal aid counsel deputed by Delhi Legal Services Authority (DLSA) with the Committee and a copy of CWC order should be given to the concerned person

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