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Inter State & Country Transfer

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Sir,  please give details about transfer between state and Country.

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Raj Kumar. U.
Member-WG. Dist.

Inter State transfer:
In case of inter-state transfer, the transfer of the child should be through the CWC of the home district of that state, after getting permission or approval from the Commissioner/ Director of JWCS&WSC/ DWCD.

For this purpose, the case file of the child, with an application for the child’s transfer to the Home District of the child’s State has to be made by the CWC through the Superintendant/in-charge of the Home, who will submit it to the Department for scrutiny. The process of transfer is initiated, once the Department gives its clearance.

The process for inter district transfer detailed out above, is to be followed except change the word district to state. If there is no CWC in the home district of the child then contact should be made with the CWC closest to the home district of the child.

Inter Country transfer:
In keeping with the principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, a child, who is not a citizen of India, or is a foreign national and who has lost contact with his family shall also be protected. In such cases the child should be treated as a victim and not as a criminal. The procedure followed should be in the best interest of the child. Steps to be followed:

ü Production before Magistrate ·
ü Placement in shelter home ·
ü Identification of Child ·
ü Rescue/Ascertaining Nationality of the Child ·
ü CWC Home Investigation ·
ü Issuance of travel permit ·
ü Permission of Ministry of External Affairs
ü Repatriation order ·

ü Repatriation/Handing over to the Children Home/authorized institution of that Country.

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