Thursday, 27 August 2015

response to the west godavari cwc

dear friends

Here with sharing which was given Mr.Kismat on CWC’s questions of west Godavari.

 Children can go to their relatives for festivals and if any deaths happen in their family on leave it is only  by CWC orders  and without CWC orders even  can’t send out  outside from the home if without CWC orders children is sent out outside  from the home  it is violation of JJ act  and CWC is giving leaves maximum  5 to 10 days only.
  1. Yes reintegrate with biological parents and if child is not having parents, relatives are willing to take care of child then CWC give order for Inquiry and  based on report CWC take decision . Only Orphan children are staying in Children home up to 18 years if not send to Adoption.
  2. For leave no need to DPO or DCPO inquiry it is only need for when child reintegrate with her/ his relatives.
  3. While discharging child CWC orders is needed but not only Chairperson (committee) .

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