Tuesday, 30 June 2015

response from Sri Kismat garu to CWC Eluru

Dear Mr.Snehan garu
CWC Chairperson
West Godavari Dist

Respected Sir,

Herewith suggestion of which was we have discussed with Mr.Kismat kumar in Yesterday. He was given some suggestions on Auditor questions. he said that first we will take answers from Child Welfare Committee,Eluru. As per their answers  would prepare answers for auditor questions.

Auditor has raised questions as per 2007 module rules chapter 4.

Andhra Pradesh government has  not make  any rules as per section 34(2) and state government can’t given any memo for apply 2007 module rules. Hence 2003 rules are applying and in any circumstances wherever necessary we are following 2007 module rules issued by GOI.
In continuation state government has not appointed any coordinator so, we don’t know who is coordinator in the shelter home and we were appointed by 2014 march only so, we don’t know about  2012 and 13 Sittings.

1.A. A criteria as per necessity otherwise government  shall have  financially lose and government said that up to 12 sitting is conducting for month it is also where is necessity and the object of sitting is need base the govt. restricted up to 12 sittings but not 12 sittings.

2.A. Rule 24(2007 rules)and section 30(4) . which is not correct. Quorum is sufficient. ¾ attendance is to year not for month.

3.A. we don’t know who is coordinator here only we hear these word and records are keeping myself only because of not allotted any DEO and Assistant.

4.A. where is necessary for sitting quorum is arranging sitting  and only chairperson and two members are coming to sitting another two members are not attending to sitting this information directly informed to director and Deputy Director of Juvenile Welfare and correctional service and Welfare of street children over phone and letter also (if it has done) still government is not taking any action on my complaint.

5.A. please ask to chairperson on this question. As per his answer prepare that we don’t have coordinator who are furnishing meeting minutes.
6.A. it is court not maintained any suggestion box. Home staff are maintaining complaint and suggestion box for children.

 Note: Sir Said directly mentioned in this letter obligations between CWC and home staff however chairperson with two person between another two persons.
Thank you
With regards

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