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misbehavior of one of CWC member

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Dear sir as per our phone conversation I have been sending the letter to you on the issue of misbehavior of one of our CWC Member. Please correct the bellow letter and then resend to me. On this letter kindly give us your suggestion for further steps and legal action.

With Warm Regards

Yours Child Rights activist of child in need of care&protection
(Bench of Magistrates)
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West Godavari District,AP,INDIA
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The Director
Dept. of Juvenile Welfare and Correctional services


            SUB:- To take action against the CWC member Sri K. Satyanarayana-Reg.
REF:- 1) Resolution No.488/wg-cwc/2015,Dt:30-03-2015
          2)  Section 29(4) (I) of Juvenile Justice Act 2000/2006.


As per 1st reference cited the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) passed the resolution for take the displanary action against the CWC member Sri Katta Satyanarayana by keeping in view of his misbehavior with rest of the members in the committee. Frequently, he is committing such ill practices in the CWC sittings causing intense inconvenience to the members. During sittings and at other times too he is swearing out loud in front of the clients and officials like superintendent, convener and case worker, and DCPU staff.

Previously Mr. Satyanarayana is mistreated to women members and used very unparliamentarily words against Mrs. P.Vijaya Lakshmi and Mrs. Ch. V. P. N. Lakshmi. So many times we are all suffered with his wicked language. He is using abuse words to women members with singular noun and other inexplicable words.

On 14-11-2014 Mr. Katta Satyanarayana went on with aggressive language against home superintendent   Mr. T. Madhusudan rao with rough and uncivilized language with rude behavior and has given a warning to him. In every sitting he is creating problems to rest of the members.  Intentionally he was drawing the attention to the climate scare to each of the   members. All the members including chairperson and members of CWC are suffering with his rude behavior. Recently, he threw case papers on a Social Worker of DCPU. He is using abusive language against Child-line 1098 staff who brought children before CWC and were given rough response by him. He used to talk with adolescent girls separately but not in sitting bench; those girls have brought to the notice of our women member about his abusive questions. Anyone who comes to the CWC, he specifically used to tell them that it is not a court; CWC members are not lawyers or judges, why did they have brought their children to CWC? And also, he is misguiding the people that it is a orphan home and hence normal children should not join here. So many times he is giving his phone number to every client and keeping separate communication with them. He is preparing complaint against CWC and home authorities in the names of those clients on behalf of them and sending to Secretary, District Legal Service Authority.
On 30-03-2015 day during sitting, one of the members of CWC Mr. U. Raj kumar raised a question about sittings and the chairperson tried to respond for the same. Mr. Satyanarayana entered in the middle of discussion and shouting bigger with rude behavior against the Chairperson, he established posts in the push to swoop down into the chairperson. All the persons who are presented there were suddenly shocked for the moment. It is sorry to say that, the bitter incident was occurred in front of case worker Sri Krishna Rao and social worker of DCPU Mr.Srikanth.

The above sad incident was not held the first time, he has created such incidents very often caused very much disturbance the proceedings of CWC. He is demanding all children should release or restore without any enquiry. We are not accepting his demand which will be very harmful to the children reuniting with family without knowing the situation at their families. He is attending to the sittings after 3.30PM and when we are all already interacted with the children produced before us. After his arrival he at once starts his way of interaction with those children that destroys the entire climate and child friendly environment prevailed then and children also feel very much discomfort with his presence. Because of his bigger shouting words, all public are strangely gathered for watching the sittings like movies. We are felt very unhappy and ashamed with his attitude. His adverse behavior claim such a bad reputation not only on CWC but also on to the Dept of Juvenile Welfare, Govt of A.P.

Hence, it is hereby humbly request you madam, to please look into the matter and request you to appoint a fact finding committee with senior departmental officers and CWC experts to deal the issue. The committee shall interact with all the persons in this issue such as CWC members, home staffs including superintendent, staffs of DCPU and CHILDLINE mentioned above and all relevant persons in presence of the committee. And verification of relevant registers, records and other documents is also helpful to find out the realities and take appropriate decision. Finally, we would leave the decision/action against the said member of CWC to the conscience of the Departmental authorities with a trust of justice in this regard.

Given this under my hand with the seal of CWC dated this 30th March 2015

MEMBERS                                                                                                       CHAIRPERSON


(P.Vijaya Nirmala)

(U.Raj Kumar)

The District Judge & Chairman of DLSA, East Godavari District,
The Chairman, State Legal Services Authority, Hyderabad
The Principal Secretary, Ministry of Women Development and Child Welfare, Hyd.
The Hon’ble Justice Ramesh Ranganathan garu, Judge & convener

      Juvenile Justice Committee, High Court of Hyderabad & AP

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