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Respected Sir,
Please give brief details on Inter District Transfer.

V.Ramana Rao,

Dear Ramana garu,
Please find below details on Transfer a child from one district to another district.
Inter district transfer (transfer of a child to another district within the state):

Steps to be followed

Step -i.       
If any child is to be transferred from one district to another district of the State, it is preferred that the child is handed over to the CWC of the Children Home district. This will ensure that every child in need of care and protection remains under the protective net of the CWC and that an appropriate decision will be taken in the best interest of the child, when the child arrives in her/his home district.
Step -ii.      
Send the case details of the child to the CWC in the other district.
Step -iii.     
The CWC of the Children Home district shall make inquiries about the willingness and fitness of the parents, relatives to receive the child at the place of residence, and whether such person can exercise proper care and control over the child.
Step -iv.     
In case there is no parent or the parent is not able to take back the child, the home district CWC will find out if there is vacancy in a children home in the home district. The CWC should request the Home district CWC to reply within 15 days, so that there is no unnecessary delay for the child. (The telephone numbers of CWCs of other districts are to be made available by the District Officers of Juvenile Welfare & Correctional Services Department and Women Development and Child Welfare Department)
Step -v.      
The CWC of the Home district shall make preparations to receive the child.
Step -vi.     
The final report of the PO is to be approved by the CWC in whose custody the child presently is, on the basis of which a final order is passed which directs the SJPU to take the child back to her/his home district. Where SJPU is not available as a last resort, the CWC may direct the staff of the Home to accompany the child to her/his home district (Annexure 5).
Step -vii.    
After the final order, CWC will prepare a detailed transfer order. A detailed transfer order is to be passed by the CWC to its staff in the prescribed format and duly signed by two members. The Case sheet should be attached along with the final order. The final report of the PO should also be attached.
Step - viii.  
When the child is transferred or repatriated, certain documents have to be sent along with the child.
·        Age documents
·        Belongings of the child (Personal Assets of the child)
·        Medical report
·        Educational records
·        Copy of the case file and any other documents.
The CWC can also ensure that the Homes take initiatives in the long term interest of the child, to give them certificates of participation in different trainings, competitions, technical courses or help child establish her/his identity proof through opening of bank accounts, PAN card etc.
Step -ix.     
The CWC gives escort order to SJPU to undertake the escort within 15 days with copy of the order to the superintendent of the home. (Form 22).
Step -x.      
If it is a girl child, she will be accompanied by a woman officer.
Step -xi.     
Until the escort is made available, the child will remain in the Children Home in safe custody.
Step - xii.   
If for any reason the child is directly sent to an institution or handed over to the parent, a copy of the order should be marked to the CWC of the home district for information and follow up.

Step -xiii.   
The CWC can transfer the child from one Children Home to another within the district if it is in the best interest of the child and brings her/him closer to her/his natural place of stay or other siblings. The child will not be transferred on the ground that the child has created problems or has become difficult to manage in the existing institution, is suffering from chronic or terminal illness or has become handicapped.

You can refer Standard Operation Procedures (SOP)

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