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what is SJPU.

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What is meant by SJPU? Please give short note on their work details….

Thanking you,
Kola Sameer Kumar,
CHILD LINE – 1098.

Dear Sameer Kumar,

SJPU Means as per Section 2 (55) of Juvenile Justice Act is “Special Juvenile Police Unit.”

Special Juvenile Police Unit means a unit of the Police force of a district or city or, as the case may be, any other Police unit like Railway Police, dealing with children and designated as such for handling children under section 107 of Juvenile Justice Act – 15.

Role of SJPU (Spl. Juvenile Police Unit)
Section 19 of POCSO Act  SJPU in taking care of Child victim and production before Child Welfare Committee.
Rules 3 and 4 of POCSO Rules 2012 Care and protection of Victim child and taking preventive action.
Sec 10 of JJ (CPC) Act 2015. Apprehension of Child alleged to be in conflict with law and production before Juvenile Justice Board.
Sec 107 of JJ (CPC) Act 2015 SJPU/Child Welfare officers at every Police Station with aptitude and appropriate training are required to be designated by SsP/CsP.

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