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Children home establishment as per JJ Act 2015

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Sir please give some details about children homes as per new act-15

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Member, CWC-Nellore.

Dear Jayaraju garu please find below details as per New Juvenile Justice Act-15.

Section 48. Juvenile Justice Act – 2015

Sub Section:1.

The State Government may establish and maintain either by itself or through voluntary or non-governmental organisations, special homes, which shall be registered as such, in the manner as may be prescribed, in every district or a group of districts, as may be required for rehabilitation of those children in conflict with law who are found to have committed an offence and who are placed there by an order of the Juvenile Justice Board
made under section 18.

Sub Section: 2.

The State Government may, by rules, provide for the management and monitoring of special homes, including the standards and various types of services to be provided by them which are necessary for social re-integration of a child, and the circumstances under which, and the manner in which, the registration of a special home may be granted or withdrawn.

Sub Section: 3.

The rules made under sub-section (2) may also provide for the segregation and separation of children found to be in conflict with law on the basis of age, gender, the natureof offence committed by them and the child’s mental and physical status.

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