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Exploitation with the juveniles in the institution-CWC Role.

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Exploitation with the juveniles in the institution-CWC Role.

We are very happy about previous clarification through your blog for the best interest of the child. 

We would like to get another clarification from you when there is exploitation with the juveniles in the institution and what the role of Child Welfare Committee is.

Thanking you Sir,


P. Vijaya Nirmala,
Child Welfare Committee,
West Godavari District. A.P. India.

Respected Madam,
Just to bring to your clarification we are furnishing few details of the provisions regarding powers of CWC under Juvenile Justice (Care and protection of children) Act, 2000 and JJ model rule 2007.
Ø  Under Rule 60 (2) (ii) of JJ model rule 2007 -  After any incidence of abuse or exploitation with the juveniles of children in the institution JJB or CWC shall pass orders for special investigation.
Ø   Under Rule 60 (2) (viii) of JJ model rule 2007 – JJB or CWC can seek assistance from relevant voluntary organizations, child rights experts etc. in dealing the matters of abuse or exploitation of juveniles or children in an institution
Ø  Under Rule 73 (i) of JJ model rule 2007 – Board or Committee is equally powerful to allow people to enter institutions under JJ system.
Ø  Under Rule 10 (f) & (g) of JJ Model Rule 2007 - liaison with committee and Boards of other districts to facilitate speedy enquiry.

Complaints against improper care in Homes:

The CWC are expected to monitor the standards of care and protection in institutions within their jurisdiction. If the CWC find malpractices in relation to the care of children in institutions, such matters should be reported to the Commissioner/Director, Juvenile Welfare Correctional Services and Welfare of Street Children to take immediate action.

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